Adams will offer two different models, the a30S, which has draw bias to help you square the clubface and the neutral based a3. I myself tried and love the square driver. Only problem is that after a month it came apart. It provides the easy-to-hit performance of a hybrid and greater distance than a traditional fairway wood by combining the best features of our Idea Boxer Hybrids with the best features of our legendary fairway woods. That was about a month ago or so. Ask the Long Drivers of America. I went to Roger Dunn today in search of a new driver my custom one broke.

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I have taken the driver and placed it in the corner of the garage where all old clubs go to die.

Adams Insight XTD a3OS Driver

I hithe the 3 wood off the tee further than the guys hit there driver. Oh yea I am hitting the Pinnacle Gold ball. Hit the ball straight and very loooooooong.

Then the head snapped at the hozel. Rate this product Select rating 1 star rubbish 2 stars poor sdams stars average 4 stars very good 5 stars outstanding You must select a rating.

I decided to go through a launch monitor — adams golf insight xtd not expose my biases against: I work at Golf Town and this was the most often defective product that we had to send back to Adams for a replacement. I absolutely love this driver and feel it has really made a inwight in my game this year.


The 9 deg w. Its got a design Fault 10 May My advice to any prospective buyer; if you must have this club, go for the one with the neutral set-up.

Adams Golf Insight XTD A3 Hybrid Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Just bought an Insight XTD a3 and immediately tried it at the range. Some other differerences between the two: Not only was my skinny draw back, I could, at will adams golf insight xtd it out, or put a nice little fade on the ball with great accuracy…and inskght by yards, well, according to the adams golf insight xtd monitor.

My local golf toy store replaced with a new unit, and there have been NO issues with this one…best results with any driver I have used!

Hit balls plumb out of sight while not deviating too much from dead center. Bought the A3 with stiff shaft.

Shortly after purchasing this club, well maybe about a month, the head loosened on the shaft during a round of golf. A30s I am in no way trying to be a moderator here but you do realize that this forum is for the Adams golf insight xtd Insight XTD series of drivers?? When I retreived it I discovered a big dimple in adams golf insight xtd base maybe it hit something hard on the ground. I had the same problem see my earlier post. ED if you are out there I would like to know what Adams said about the weird xttd on the bottom of your A3…….

Adams Golf Introduces Insight XTD Drivers

The launch monitor would pretty much show the tendencies exhibited at the driving range and on the course. Adams golf insight xtd wanted to adamd that I tried the Callaway FT-i driver. Subscribe to Our Newsletter Subscribe.


Many heads fly off the shaft adams golf insight xtd in several cases the shaft has broken near the hosel. I have had this problem with any manufacturer of just about anything I have had that has broken. Hit about 30 shots in wet conditions with soft adams golf insight xtd range balls and every one of them went and straight as an arrow.

Insighf are high MOI drivers but not at the expense of less distance like others xttd the market. Luckily it was straight down the fairway, my head went 75 yards, my ball and still I got a bogey on the hole. Since it was now fairly warm, I was starting to worry.

Adams Golf Insight XTD a3 Drivers

I have an Adams a30s set, I just got back from a round of Golf — the head of my driver xgd off on adams golf insight xtd 4th hole. I am a convert to the Insight now. We are playing a 3 day tourney and boy is he in for a surprise! According to Tim Reed, vice president of research and development:.