If it’s really impossible, I’ll drop the idea, but I’d like to have a proof first. Meaker Sager Oct 5, Ignore the 4 bank dipswitches, they’re for something else That’s what I feared would happen. The version number is crucial for video card compatibility.

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The VID code won’t be a big problem, that was nearly sure from the start, but there seems to be a difference concerning the internal thermal diode. Then I’ll finish modding some parts that still need to be done and then I’ll finally start working on this one. Sorry for not keeping you updated guys, the rig doesn’t POST even with 1.

Unfortunately I didn’t have much time for further research recently. No, create an account now.

Component Level Motherboard Repair (Not replacement) | Page 2 | NotebookReview

Well, thx, but I dont think that I’m doing an excellent job. I own a p5wd2 p, and i dont want to buy a new motherboard: I’ll have a look at the Core datasheet sometime and see what the thermal throttling deal is.

Thanks for all the help in advance: That aisde, you are absolutely right. If so then this sounds like a good sign that the boards will work to some extent once the voltage problem is fixed. Even a board with a “only” VR I could afford it if I wanted, but that’s not the spund.


Analog Devices

Sorry for my basic english I have a Clevo DT, and it doesn’t start. Guys, here’s a little update after a long time. I have to say Thanks aound all my russian friends for the article. In theory, it should be quite easy to find the differences by thoroughly examining a BadAxe 3.

Tom Exactly my guess, too. But if any of you have good points why not to try it, let me know. Wrong info edited out. Ive just tried to connect all the Green dots, and Insulate the red one. If you leave the orginal image sounx it is and then turn your cpu over so all the coners match. Should be the exact predecessor of the well known “Bad Axe”.

What Notebook Should I Buy? Unfortunately my new University semester started 2 weeks ago and my free time is very limited ATM. They have the DT motherboards for pretty cheap: Although this would be a start at least.


Xdp3188 managed to fix my DK board three times already in the past year, two of which requiring me to make soldering mods to the board, and one was a rebuilt circuit for a fan header I blew by mistake.

The CPU’s core voltage will be the smallest problem. Hope you get some C2D soon to develop the mods and confirm they work. But i dont know which Ohm they have and where they have a contact It was just that people were asking about VRM modes – which to be honest arent the problem as you’ve said.

Analog Devices – datasheet pdf

This is something typical error, i think. I’d like to modify an Intel X based board to run a Conroe. You have a tutorial for this maybe? I must have been looking at someones location. So i want to mod it till its death.