Please contact our Service Department at ext. I use this mic for recording podcasts and voice-overs for software demonstrations. No hard installs just plug it in and it works! Just to test, I I tried it out in the windows camera app as well as some apps like skype and google hangouts. Quite frankly, I feel as though I’ve had my money stolen from me. My sound quality rivals what I get on the radio studio pro E. This way you can connect to an interface.

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Audio-Technica ATUSB Cardioid Condenser Microphone | eBay

I knew I was missing something so I explored options for better quality products. I record audio for the book I am writing and use the computer to transcribe it. Latency is inherent with any digital connection.

Like the AT, it features a low-mass diaphragm, custom-engineered for extended frequency response and superior transient response.

I am very disappointed. Only problem I’m having is that for some reason my codec splits it into two inputs, and the stereo input is considerably louder on the left channel than it is on the right. Actual selling price may vary; please check with an authorized Audio-Technica dealer.

Well, let me start by sharing Three of us fiddled with it for hours yesterday and eventually got it to work with the software. First off, I am not a professional in this field. Thisconsidering it’s price, really checks all of the boxes A quick lookup on the web revealed that there are a multitude of issues ah2020 nearly all USB powered mics since the release of Windows No need for bulky secondary mixing gear.


Plug it in and transform your sound. The box says the microphone works with Windows 7, but the manual included with the microphone makes no reference to the setup and use of the microphone on a Windows 7 machine.

A fan of Audio-Technica products I consulted with an audio expert and this mic was recommended. I consider this a very high value for the price and recommend it highly. If you raise the volume, the noise will get so high that the recording is trash.

AT USB Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone for Recording (DISCONTINUED) || Audio-Technica

I just moc it in and it worked. The mix control at20200 you to either monitor the direct signal from the microphone element when dialed to MIC for zero latency monitoring, or monitor the signal from the connected computer when dialed to COM. You may use the scroll wheel which would allow you to monitor the signal in realtime directly from the microphone element. It’s well worth the admissionthe set up plug and playand the ever hanging ways to records music and voice.

You may contact local Audio-Technica Global Division for further assistance.


Audio-Technica AT2020USB Cardioid Condenser Microphone

I bought this mic, plugged it in and had an afternoon of low-quality, low-level recording issues in Audacity, Ableton Mid and then Adobe Audition. Please contact our Service Department at ext.

Couldn’t replicate it again today; after several frustrating hours, it still won’t work with Audacity.

Quite frankly, I feel as though I’ve had my money stolen from me. This is a great product. The only fix is to digitally up the volume with all the hiss and hum that this brings with it.


For Mono recording it’s perfect. Sound is phenomenal, though the tripod it comes with is cheaply made and will break if the microphone falls.

I replaced the small travel stand with a drum kick mic stand, which works great. Just to test, I I miv it out in the windows camera app as well as some apps like skype and google hangouts.

None with the AT They would be happy to help you. It also offers mix control that blends microphone and pre-recorded audio. I record vocals and voice overs, and wanted a quality mic.