Carvalho FP, et al. Doherty PJ, et al. Accordingly, you should be able and willing to hold your notes to maturity. Crest nets retain all settlement-stage larvae at the site as they move over the reef crest 90 — The Securities do not pay any interest.

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The notes will be automatically called if the closing level of each Index on any Review Date other than the final Review Date is greater than or equal to its Initial Value.

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No eye preference was recorded when the fish was perpendicular to the transparent wall i. Effect of chemical pollution on the visual lateralization of Bll. Successful recruitment of individuals could be partly jeopardized by the alteration of lateralized cognitive abilities of larvae caused by local stressors such as pesticides.

Therefore, after the Exp.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Black asterisks above bars indicate a significant right-eye preference, while white asterisks below bars indicate a significant left-eye preference.

Cambridge University Press Morgan, any agent or any dealer participating in the particular offering will arrange to send you the prospectus and the prospectus supplement, as well as any product supplement, underlying supplement and termsheet or pricing supplement, if you so request by calling toll-free In the context of these rapidly changing conditions, reef fishes often play an important role in maintaining habitat structure, preserving associated biodiversity, and increasing ecosystem resilience e.

Comparative study of metamorphosis in tropical reef fishes. Performance of the Securities. We urge you to consult your investment, legal, tax, accounting and other advisers before you invest in the notes.


You are also urged to consult your investment, legal, tax, accounting and other uu93n before you invest in the Securities.

This experiment was replicated 6 times, and each time a different tag color was attributed to the groups to account for any potential predation bias towards one color.

Discussion This study identified a strong preference for the right eye when inspecting stimuli from either a mirror, conspecifics, or a predator. Notes Competing Interests The authors declare that k93n have no competing interests.

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The notes are not designed to be short-term trading instruments. Lateralized fish perform better than nonlateralized fish in spatial reorientation tasks.

In Coral U93m Fishes: These costs can include projected hedging profits, if any, and, in some circumstances, estimated hedging costs and our internal secondary bbl funding rates for structured debt issuances. To view a copy of this license, visit http: It is possible that hedging or trading activities of ours or our affiliates in connection with the notes could result in substantial returns for us or our affiliates while the value of the notes declines.

Greater expected volatility with respect to the Underlying Index Fund reflects a higher expectation as of the Trade Date that the Underlying Index Fund could close below its Downside Threshold on the Final Valuation Date, resulting in the loss of some or all of your investment.

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The numbers appearing in the examples below have been rounded for ease of analysis. Introduction Brain asymmetry h93n the preference to use one side of the body over the other to accomplish actions termed lateralizationhas been identified in a variety of vertebrate and bp species 1 — 5. This control was conducted to account for any effect of the experimental procedure on fish behavior.


Prospectus dated March 5, Barth P, et al. In coral reef-fishes, the movement of larvae from planktonic to reef environments recruitment represents a major life-history transition.

Lateralization processes have been characterized in adult organisms but also in early-life-stages, such as fish larvae 67fish juveniles 89chicks 10 but see refs 11 — 13 for bll on embryonic and post-embryonic development of lateralized organs and acquisition of lateralized behaviors in several vertebrate and invertebrate species.

Any sale by you prior to the Maturity Date could result in a substantial loss to you.

The actual Contingent Interest Rate will be provided in the pricing supplement and will be between 6. All water was replaced every day, ensuring the maintenance of water quality as well as a continuous concentration of the pesticide or solvent.

In addition, any potential reduction in the abundance of major herbivorous fishes in coastal marine ecosystems, such as A. The notice focuses in particular on whether to require investors in these instruments to accrue income over the term of their investment.