This gave me an additional 2. I’m using Skyjacker 4″-6″ lift extended brake lines and they bolted up fine to the stock D30 brake caliper Heres how the coils are sitting right now on the stock coil bucket. Just a pre disc one previous owner put it in. On my d44 it’s as easy as reaming out the steering arms on the knuckles abit and using cheby tre’s. Ideally id be about 33s on 4 inches of lift. Plus if you blow out a ball joint while it’s on the truck is down for a day while you get it fixed, if you do balljoints now you won’t have that issue. I wont be flexing it out a lot but enough to make the ifs pissy.

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bronco II 3link d30 sas

I’ve got them on all my one ton trucks and if it wasn’t for the fact they have to support a diesel motor id dd30 have coils. I will occasionally get grinding noises from my coils hitting things they wouldn’t normally hit if they were straight. I think the d30 is my ticket. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.


D3O and SAS-Tec technologies – Probikeshop

Whenare you going to rebuild the d30? Find all posts by t5cents.

This gave me an additional 2. I dont wanna run anything other than stock flares so thats why the 30 is sort of a winner in that respect. Nice the build up thread I have been waiting for.

t5cents official d30 SAS thread

Going on the tubes is excellent btw. July 14, Messages: The end product wont be as tall as his nor have as large a tire. D30 SAS on 98 Ranger.

Originally Posted by Downey. As far as I know I am going to be running 4. And leaves just won’t flex quite like coils haha. Keep a lot of adjustment on stuff and make it all work. I just did a d30 swap on my ‘ UK company D30 has developed a polymer blend which can be formed into a smart foam, with shape memory, which adapts to different situations.

Your support is greatly appreciated. The only option to fix that was to put on a flat pitman, notch and box the frame for clearance. The pitman arm kept hitting the leaf spring on the big bumps.


Find all posts by Taylor. Yeah why he did that is beyond me. Talk about not a good night for s30 tubing I’m looking forward to this at well Teach me how to do the swap with that very axle, too bad you’re not a 2nd gen. Are you going to keep the tie rod setup like that?

Looks good so far. Yeah the XJ axle is definitely high pinion. Also all I’ve found are drum eb axles. June 17, Messages: Find all posts by zabeard.

Well, the driver side bracket stayed together and I got 2’2″ heim – heim. Elite Explorer members s30 practically no ads, can add their own profile photo, upload photo attachments in all forums, and Media Gallery, create more private Conversations, and more.