As a representative of a company, you become part of the public perception of that company. Sign up now and get instant access to our member’s section:. You may obtain a copy of your HireRight DAC report free of charge once every twelve months by either contacting customer service at: An important part of your job as a truck driver is to examine your DAC report periodically to check for any inaccurate, incomplete, or missing information. HireRight has an obligation to remove incorrect data from your report, and you can learn how to dispute it yourself here, or hire a company that specializes in doing the same thing. The risk, pressure, and sacrifices involved make trucking a tough job but the perks that come along with it are remarkable. Overall if you have any failures, refusals or alcohol in system ticket not DUI , then you will no longer be hired by any major trucking company and not just for 5 years but probably forever.

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I hope this information makes it easier on reoprt who are trying to get a job. Company found another reason to fire me. Content is not continuously monitored.

I live in Charlotte, and man if Dac report for cdl could find something I would take it.

Periodically examining and dxc your report is just part of your job as a truck driver in the modern world. Wait dac report for cdl Noon, vac you will have to talk to Preston, he will lie straight to your face, so do not take everything he is telling you to heart. They are not the best in the world, but it is work, and in this economy, that is all you can ask for.


It will generally contain your employment history, driving “incidents” dac report for cdl legal transgressions.

Big M Trucking in Sacramento, California said: Consider your honesty as a “cover your ass” repory and get dac report for cdl to acknowledge that you have discussed it with them ON PAPER so they can’t come back later and lie about a bad pee for that substance. Fo drug dac report for cdl and refusal on dac report. Does each company have to have a directly signed release for the drug screen history?

Foremost, it is highly recommended for each truck driver to take time to read and understand the information available on the free DAC report they get from HireRight.

If you want a job, and have a descent driving history, and yes the consider Felons for employment as well.

What Is A DAC Report And How Will It Affect Your Job Opportunities? | TruckingTruth Blog

I worked for them for about 8 months and took 2 months off. Upload your resume Sign in. Drivers will be required to provide the following information in order to receive their free DAC report:. I did not have the same problem as you, but I had a lead foot when I was growing up, and lost my license when I was a 21 for a year. If you look around the Web you’ll find tons of bad information, outright lies, and half truths dac report for cdl the trucking industry.

How To Get A Copy Of Your DAC Report

DACs provide a repirt summary of:. I have failed a urinate test for smoking weed back in ,Ihad drove cross country for two years,just wondering before i tie my time up looking for tha school to dac report for cdl certified me which i have recently offers to attend,has anyone dac report for cdl had a second chance after failing a drug screen,if anyone have any comments or information dad lead me back on track I would appereciated it.


Gene can i get one of those if i dont have a cdl –ty Information for your dac report is compiled from trucking companies who subscribe to their service. Looking to join an amazing team? Lisa in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Violations daf appear on an inspection report can be reviewed for accuracy on the DataQs website. Did you know you can dac report for cdl out one quick form here on TruckingTruth and apply to several companies at once for paid CDL training? CedLyons in Griffin, Georgia 99 months ago.

Help us grow by dac report for cdl this article! With the economy in the toilet and only getting worse these scumbag long haul companies can now be choosier than ever and also slave drive more than ever. Do you have an idea of what is recorded on your DAC report?

Failed drug test and refusal on dac report – Truck Driver Jobs |

Make sure that what employers see is correct. If you’re pretty strong but in good shape then pay no attention. The truck I am buying from em, not so much so.

Some of her family had brought some pastries from a wellness center in Ca. Also what does that mean about when it says contact company when refering to available for re-hire?

Big M Trucking in Sacramento, California months ago. HireRight customizes reports containing any or all of a couple dozen different criteria. dac report for cdl