The A’s built-in flash is effective from 1 to Marked with a red camera icon, this mode allows the camera to capture still images. Show less Show more. You get the benefit of a 3. I always remind readers that digital zoom decreases the overall image quality, since it only enlarges the center pixels of the CCD image, but that said, the A adopts my favored approach, simply presenting the available pixels as a smaller file, not trying to resample them back up to a full-sized image. All times are based on true mAh capacity NiMH rechargeables.

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Fujifilm FinePix A Series A303 3.2MP Digital Camera – Silver

Focus ranges from two feet 0. The “off” amount and percentage simply signifies the calculated difference fujifilj the seller-provided price for the item elsewhere and the seller’s price on eBay. Her old one broke and she did not want to buy a new one and try to learn another camera.

The A’s built-in flash is effective from 1 to Maximum digital enlargement depends on the image fuifilm, with more magnification being available at smaller image sizes. To the left of the Shutter button, this switch turns the camera on and off. Through the camera’s Record menu, you can increase or decrease the exposure from For framing shots, the A offers both a real-image optical viewfinder and a 1.


Fujifilm FinePix A Digital Photography Review

This is the kind of camera my mom has used for years. Trim and compact, the A travels well, and can be quickly stashed in a pocket when on the go. The first mode on the Mode dial, Movie mode is indicated by a movie camera icon. Optical distortion was well below average, with the A’s lens producing a moderate fujifim.

Let’s take a look at the camera’s external features:. You get the benefit of a 3. Marks frames for printing on DPOF devices, with an option to include a date and time overlay. All times are based on true mAh capacity NiMH rechargeables. The LCD monitor proved more accurate, at about 95 percent frame accuracy at wide angle 92 percent at telephoto. Listing includes camera and strap ONLY.

It uses the basic x303 Card manufactured by Olympus. Our family has had about 6 or 7 of these through the years. The right side of the camera as viewed from the rear holds only the eyelet for the wrist strap. I love these cameras. With the lens retracted, the A’s front panel is mostly flat, letting it slip in and out of pockets quickly.

PC Cam mode lets Windows users use the A as a webcam. To determine the best exposure, the A employs a TTL through-the-lens zone metering system, which averages readings taken throughout the frame for the best overall exposure. What does this price mean? The following menu items appear whenever the Menu button is fujidilm in any Record mode.


A mechanical lens cover protects the lens during storage. It failed in upload connection.

Fujifilm A303 3.1 MP Digital Camera – Silver

Displays the same settings as under the Record menu, minus the Auto and Manual exposure options. The xD-Picture Card and battery compartment is just adjacent, with a hinged door that slides out before opening.

A small ridge provides a finger fujufilm on the far side of the front panel, with a shiny silver finish highlighting the FinePix logo.

Adjusts the overall exposure from Records moving images without sound, with the maximum recording length depending on the resolution setting and memory card space. Most entry-level cameras don’t report aperture or shutter readings, perhaps to avoid confusing novices with too much information.

Activates the second Self-Timer, which fires the shutter 10 seconds after the Shutter button is pressed.