S3 came out of the closet and pulled back multiplicative alpha blending support that first Trio3D was failing in and old Virge could not do either. After the release of last Virge in summer of , out featured and outperformed since day one, S3 was going to have a tough time because their next generation architecture was still one year away. There are several variants. Unreal Engine 1 games frequently support it, and may also have optional S3TC textures available. This is an enhancement of Savage3D.

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For the second half of the year S3 aimed even higher with their first dual pipeline architecture with Transform and Lighting unit.

S3 Trio 3d/2x AGP Graphics Card | eBay

I got this card: Texture compression dramatically reduces the size of a texture while only minimally affecting quality, allowing s3 trio 3d high quality textures to be used even with the limited 8MB RAM of the Savage3D. What were they going through in ? It can use textures up to x pixels. Doom 19s trlo measures in at ,5 fps as per this method.

Since some gamers could not avoid Trio3D, it did not help with company reputation among them. S3 came out of the closet and pulled back multiplicative alpha s3 trio 3d support that first Trio3D was failing in and old Virge could not do either. Video textures in Mortal Kombat 3 are suddenly missing. But new hope quickly vanished when Savage failed performance expectations and the TnL unit turned out defected.

New Drivers  ASUS AGP V3800 DRIVER

s3 trio 3d

S3 Trio 3d/2x AGP Graphics Card

Discussion about old PC hardware. This long window was to be filled with yet another respin of S3d architecture. I’ve done some preliminary performance tests on my P3-S 1. In s3 trio 3d cases enabling S3TL can worsen performance.

Of course there are exceptions s3 trio 3d the rule, for example Battlezone is properly rendered only by Trio3D, 2X adds funky colors on some surfaces and broken particles. Released June 10, It is also fully AGP 2x compliant.

S3 Trio 3d AGP Graphics Card

AGP 2x is supported with texturing from system memory. Like Savage4, this chip was somewhat popular for Unreal Tournament.

The DX and GX have approximately double the 3D performance and can run some Direct3D adequately if the driver is compatible with the game.

Thanks for the suggestion though! Even 3DMark runs – somewhat. It was to be a fully Direct3D 7 compliant part, s3 trio 3d support for a hardware transform and lighting engine. Offered s3 trio 3d value for the money at the time. You could still buy new cards or find it on motherboards even when you couldn’t buy dedicated Savage cards anymore.


Well the answer is rather negative, reality is much harsher than exposed features. At this low point VIA, big partner still in need of integrated graphics, moved in for acquisition. Fortunately, there were significant features added to stay in touch with the rapid development. In spring S3 came with Savage4 and considering what it was, it showed quite a muscle and was actually selling well.

Chrome series continued s3 trio 3d less ambitious chips, their few highlights being low power consumption and HTPC value.

How are games on Trio3D, triio did the support for all blending modes helped? This puts it half way between MX and GX2 framerates, but image quality is up a notch. I don’t know how reliable it is s3 trio 3d older cards, but it’s the best option I’ve got.

Weren’t Savages cheep enough? S3D games often only recognize a3 original ViRGE chip but there is a third s3 trio 3d utility to fix the game executable.

Trio3D Trio3D offered great 2D and video acceleration with it’s new bit engine.