This screen is used to check jobs, move a job to the top of the job queue, or delete a job. Other Settings Default Mode Settings This is used to specify which mode, Sharing or Confidential, is used as the default mode when storing a file. The displayed bypass Is the bypass tray extension pulled out? Page 42 Loading tab paper and transparency film In addition to plain paper, tab paper and transparency film can also be loaded in the large capacity trays MX-LCX5. Touch the [Document Filing Control] key to configure the settings.

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Select the copy settings that you wish to Cancel store in the job program sharp mx-m1100 touch the Special Modes [OK] key.

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This function is used to print an additional copy sharp mx-m1100 the print image on paper that is the same size but from a different paper tray. I-Fax Settings These settings can be configured when the Internet fax expansion kit is installed.

The job status screen shows the status of sharp mx-m1100 by mode. If the original is only one page, go to step 7. To simplify operation the next time the same password is set, click the button after entering the password 5 to 8 digit number.

Document Output Options, Automatic Deletion Of File Settings Document Output Options The use of a stored file can be allowed or prohibited by operation type and by sharp mx-m1100 mode from which the file was stored. Sharp mx-m1100 tab paper When loading tab paper in the inserter, the front side of the tab paper should face up. Disable Switching Of Display Order Default Exposure Settings This is used to set the default exposure settings for scanning a document in image send mode.


For the basic procedure for printing and the steps for opening the printer driver properties window, see the following sharp mx-m1100 If the setting is not sharp mx-m1100, dialing will not be possible. In direct transmission mode or manual transmission mode, the transmission will be canceled. sharp mx-m1100

For additional savings, the optional Internet Fax Expansion Kit can help reduce long-distance phone mx-m100. Touch the [Cancel] key in the screen of step 2. Sharp mx-m1100 Select the special modes.

SHARP MX-M1100 Digital Copier Printer 110 cpm

The send size cannot sharp mx-m1100 changed. The Image Sending Activity Report can be set to automatically print each time the number of transactions reachesand it can also be set to automatically print at a specified time once a day sharp mx-m1100.

Retrieving A Stored Original Size Retrieving a stored original size To retrieve a sharp mx-m1100 original size, touch the [Original] key syarp the base screen of copy mode and perform the steps below. Before scanning the back of the card, you can touch the sharp mx-m1100 key in the touch panel to change the exposure. Macintosh This function can only be used in Mac OS 9.

Select one of the settings below.

Problem You wish sharp mx-m1100 delete or Are multiple group keys stored? Reception Check Interval Setting This is used to specify the interval at which the machine automatically checks the mail server POP3 server for received Internet faxes. Disabling of Fold When a folding unit is installed. Default settings selected with these settings apply to all functions of the machine sharp mx-m1100 just the copy function.

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Page Special Modes Book Copy Right Left Binding Binding Cover settings cannot be selected if insertion of sharp mx-m1100 and inserts is disabled in the system settings administrator. The [2 Hole Punch] key can be touched in the output screen to selecting two-hole punching.

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After the first set is checked for sharp mx-m1100, the remaining sets can be printed. Before beginning the procedure, configure the paper settings in the system settings for the paper you will load in the inserter. User Authentication Setting These settings enable or disable user authentication and specify sharp mx-m1100 authentication method. mx-m100

Sharp mx-m1100 an environmental perspective, these settings also help reduce pollution and conserve natural resources. Send the scanned data?

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Disabling of Document Feeder Use this setting to prohibit the use of the automatic document feeder, such as when the feeder malfunctions.

Sharp mx-m1100 system settings sharp mx-m1100 also used to display or print out the current settings and status of the machine.

Sharp mx-m1100, the Data Security Kit erases the temporary memory on the hard drive by overwriting the encrypted data up to seven times, providing an unprecedented level of assurance.