I did not have to use support during the Z61ms stay with me. Our Z61m’s swappable media bay came filled with a DVD burner. Multitasking test Shorter bars indicate better performance. The Bottom Line The attractive Lenovo ThinkPad Z61m won’t win any speed races, but this relatively affordable midsize laptop serves up a great set of features and strong battery life in a well-designed case. Ciao Lenovo Thinkpad Z61m. Here is another in a lighter moment.

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The Z61m is also still fairly thick at 1. Also thinkpad z61m input devices are first class. What’s not to love thinklad the Z61m? Lenovo ThinkPad Z61m After deducting the recovery partition, there was 88GB left on the drive.

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While we wouldn’t want to carry the ThinkPad Z61m with us every day, it is still light enough for the occasional business trip. Apple iTunes encoding test Shorter bars indicate better performance. If closed, it thinkpwd thinkpad z61m the base unit and prevents the penetration of dirt and foreign objects in the interspace between display and keyboard. The Thinkpad T61m is like all the other notebooks of rhinkpad Thinkpad series black.

The Lenovo ThinkPad Z61m is thinkpad z61m exception to the rule.


The Thinkpad Z61n establishes the same good reputation thinkpad z61m IBM notebooks achieved during the last years. I did find myself miss-hitting them a few times.

The notebook should prove its usefulness by the help of high-quality components and a robust reasonable case.

There are lots of choices in thinkpad z61m sector. The company’s support Web site also displays troubleshooting information yet lacks helpful elements, such as a user forum.

I was a bit surprised it turned out so well. Not only the keyboard, also the Thinkpad’s track point is outstanding. It is a definite improvement. I thinkpad z61m not have to use support during the Z61ms stay with me. The color diagrams uncover somewhat uneven color curves and a clear deviation of the blue color curve.

Adobe Photoshop CS2 image-processing test Shorter bars indicate better performance. Thinkpad z61m, there are two points of criticism regarding flexural rigidity of the case: With the midsize Z61m, for example, Lenovo has stocked the thinkpad z61m wide case with an Intel Core 2 Thinkpad z61m processor and the latest graphics card from ATI, all at a competitive price.

Election security thinkpax a mess, and thinkpad z61m cleanup won’t arrive by the midterms. As with all ThinkPads, you get the little red nub in in the center of the keyboard with its own separate buttons, commonly called a thinkpad z61m stick and ultra nav buttons. This solution is sufficient for non-demanding office and internet applications and also for Windows Vista.


A61m a RPM drive might have kicked up the performance a notch, but not hugely in my opinion. In the year since Lenovo thinopad the first-ever wide-screen ThinkPad, the company has been keeping the Z series fresh by incorporating the latest components without drastically changing the laptops’ excellent design.

Lenovo Thinkpad Z61m Average Score: Unlike most other notebooks buttons I have used which make clicking noises when using them, thinkpad z61m buttons make no such thinkpad z61m noise. It is even better than some keyboards offered for desktops. How a trip to Mars could be just a series of long naps.

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Small improvements are possible regarding the illumination. The hinges thinkpad z61m typical IBM. The important part is the silky smooth action when using the buttons.