What you should know on World Cybersecurity Day

World Cybersecurity Day – what is it?

World Cybersecurity Day  is celebrated every November 30 and was created to promote best practices in Information Security . To celebrate, we bring you one of Freddy Vega’s most recent videos: Hacking attempts and phishing scams in which your bosses (and you) fall.

Cybercriminals who use phishing as an attack method of their choice use various tricks and techniques to attract their unsuspecting victims to disclose private information.

The phishing is different send messages masquerading as an important entity (Google, Facebook, banks, traffic police) or a person in need to ask personal information to solve a problem that actually is not real.

The foundations of computer security are the foundations in a technology career. Today we need to understand the ways in which they want to attack us in order to avoid them.

This Basic Safety Course for Business Computers will help you understand the importance of computer security and your role in the protection of business information.

he “Akamai 2019 State of the Internet / Security Phishing: Baiting the Hook” report found that criminals are exploiting certain world leading brands and their users through highly organized and sophisticated phishing operations .

The phishers only need to kidnap or buy a domain to set up shop and abuse our naiveté. Yes, naivety that sometimes we deny.

Aníbal Rojas, VP of Engineering of Platzi left us 3 tips:

  1. The fundamental thing is to go to the source. If they send you a link, search on your own on the bank page. If they call you, tell them that you are going to communicate and make the call to the official number of your bank. In a word: Be suspicious.
  2. What they have always told us: Do not repeat passwords and for that you have to use a password manager.
  3. Do not open the door of your house with software other than the original. If you need to pay, you have to do it, period. Do not compromise the security of your business, your home, your family by saving some money on software.

Post Author: Abrakham