Types of Proxy Servers

Web Proxy Server: this is an HTTP / HTTPS based proy, where the user accesses this web service, and from there you can use the intermediary web proxy server to browse other URLs. Thus the user enters the web proxy, indicates the URL where he wants to navigate, and the web proxy server returns the content. Transparent […]


What is a proxy and what is it for?

What is a proxy and what is it for? A proxy is an intermediate computer that is used in the communication of two others. The information (usually on the Internet) goes directly between one computer and another. Through a proxy, the information goes first to the intermediate computer (proxy), and it is sent to the destination computer, […]


What is the proxy server used for?

Providing access from computers on the local network to the Internet;
Data caching: if calls to the same external resources often occur, you can keep a copy of them on the server and issue them on request, thereby reducing the load on the channel to the external network and speeding up the client receiving the requested information;


Proxy Server

With the growing need to protect our data from the constant look of intrusive ISPs, in addition to government agencies that want to control citizens more and more, the concept of proxy has begun to become increasingly popular. While what is popularly called a proxy server is actually a technology that has been around for […]